GMAT certifications assess your arithmetic, geometric, algebraic skills, as well as data and grammar analysis skills. They also measure your problem solving skills.

GMAT certification exams are divided into four sections:

  1. Analytical Writing Assessment – assessment of your critical thinking and communication skills
  2. Integrated Reasoning –  assesment of your data analysis and information measuring skills
  3. Quantitve Reasoning –  assessment assessment of your data analysis skills and your ability to draw conclusions
  4. Verbal Reasoning – prova che misura le tue capacità nella lettura e comprensione del materiale scritto, valutare e correggere del materiale al fine di renderlo conforme all’inglese scritto standard assessment of your reading comprehension skills from written material, and your evaluation and correction skills with the end goal of translating it into another language.

The test lasts approximately 3 hours and a half.


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