Ericsson Academy offers ETCP, Ericsson Technical Certification Program, as a certification program set to validate skills in specific technical areas. This is divided into three levels of competency: associate, professonal and expert.

Althugh ETCP certifications are mostly designed for Ericsson employees, some are available also for external candidates. The target audience is usually technical engineers and solution architects.

Here are some of the Ericsson certifications, some of which have been recently updated:

  • Ericsson Certified Associate – IP Networking (ECP-206)
  • Ericsson Certified Associate – 5G RAN (ECP-402)
  • Ericsson Certified Associate – Ericsson 5G Core (ECP-412)
  • Ericsson Certified Professional – VoLTE End-to-End (ECP-733)
  • Ericsson Certified Associate – Data Science (ECP-451)
  • Ericsson Certified Associate – Orchestration (ECP-421)
  • Ericsson Certified Associate – CENX (ECP-431)
  • Ericsson Certified Associate – Swap and Modernization, NRO & NDO Services (ECP-441)
  • Ericsson Certified Professional – vEPC (ECP-821)
  • Ericsson Certified Professional – Ericsson 5G Cloud Unified Data Management, Policy Control and Exposure (ECP-831)
  • Ericsson Certified Professional – 5G Packet Core and Policy (ECP-841)


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