Whether you are a Networking Academy student or a professional in the industry, Cisco certifications pave the way for anybody who wants to get into the IT industry. Thanks to Cisco's new training and certification program, you'll be able to obtain all the necessary skills needed to achieve your goals.

Thanks to Cisco’s new training and certification program, you’ll be able to obtain all the necessary skills needed to to achieve your goals.

OnVUE online test

We are delighted to announce that, from April 15th, 2020, we will provide certification exams with the online correction by Pearson VUE. Thanks to this option, it’s possible to reach your Cisco certification goals without any delays, from the comfort of your own home or office.

All Cisco certification exams, written and verified, can be taken online, with notable exceptions:

352-011 ENU practical exam Cisco Certified Design Expert

352-001 ENU qualification exam for experts in Cisco certified design

For more info visit the website: www.cisco.com/go/onlinetesting

Notice: The CCDE Practical v3 exam, which has an issuing date set at November 2nd, 2021, will pass from Pearson VUE to Cisco. To plan the CCDE Practical exam after said date, it is necessary to book your exam directly from the Cisco CCIE portal. The written CCDE exam, which is the qualificaion exam needed to pass the CCDE practical exam, will still be provided by Pearson VUE. Click on the “Sign up” button to sign up to the written CCDE exam


Cisco offers the following two types of exam. With the same Pearson VUE account you can schedule and/or buy both types of exam.

Exams with mock exams at a test center

The majority of the Cisco certification exams is provided in a mock environment at an authorised Pearson VUE® test center. To schedule a certification exam or to find a test center, use the links under the Cisco logo.

Online self-managed exams

Cisco exams whose code begin with 700 are self-managed and can be taken wherever an Internet connection is available. To purchase an online exam, visit the online exams page.


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